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Basically to win at Roulette is to predict where the ball will land on the next spin of the wheel, although a technique to win at Roulette there you can use mathematical formulas to reduce the number of percentage of possible loss is not impossible to win at Roulette !


The game of Roulette is certainly the most popular game not only in Italy but also worldwide beaten only by the Poker, the game is easily identifiable in all real casino, is the classic game with the wheel that turns and a numbered ball that which was launched in stopping a number of the wheel determines the winning positions and value them.

Since the beginning of the classic Roulette game has attracted a passionate if all the games in style or mathematical probability over the years have followed it ever new strategies to claim the distinction of foolproof system, however when there is still no system you could say this was infallible and I really can play Roulette would be immediately stopped in both online casino and land-based casinos.

One strategy is called Martingale and in fact is the classic game of red and black, this system is based on consistency in which these two colors vary in output, in practice it is very difficult to get out more and 10 or more times a certain color but there will always be a certain distribution of the colors come out .. or so it should be.

The Martingale strategy in the game of Roulette.

Just always bet on a color never change, and doubling the value of each game to bet until the chosen color comes out, when the color goes out and earns his initial stake, and all subsequent games, in practice it is not possible to always red or black percu always doubling the bet and waiting for the color variation is mathematically possible to win.

The bad news of the Martingale strategy is that in reality are very long possible combinations of the same color in which case the continuous doubling of the bet is to get to the paradoxical point where you have to bet a considerable sum in order to gain only 1 chip , wrong color for even 15 times, starting with a chip you find yourself having to bet to win more than 1 to 16,000.

One way to combat the problem of very long repeats of color is to start the Martingale strategy only after they are released before any more shots on a color, then if we notice that while playing Roulette, 3, 4 or more times has occurred the output of a color, then start using this strategy, focusing in the opposite color, this is a good way to reduce the possibility of loss, but is still not a certainty. The council is aiming to test their strategies or as little as possible with free money casino roulette using this site (in either).

In addition to this strategy is the most dated and most well known there are many other much more complex, the advantage of online Roulette Roulette with respect to land-based casinos is that through your PC you can use small programs dedicated to Roulette same with which you can analyze the outputs from the computer and being told what chance is there for the next shot, using these programs for a long time and always in the same Roulette you can better interpret the data and make recommendations as more tangible, more data collection will be far more accurate and reliable. See for example Analyze Roulette or Roulette Programs

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